FAQ's Chicken CSA

What is the chicken CSA? A 3 month subscription to receive our delicious pasture raised, organic fed, whole chickens. Each chicken is $20.00 per whole chicken. We guarantee the chickens will be at least 3lbs -if they are larger, you have the price locked in. You choose how many chickens you want per month, order and pre-pay online, and then show up to pick up your chickens at one of three drop points listed below.

Where are the pick up points?

1. Blue Earth Farm/ Second Sunday of the Month/ 10am-1pm/ 14325 S. Turnersville Rd, Buda, Tx 78610

The farm itself! We will have a monthly pick up on farm where you can also buy our pork, honey, candles, herbs...whatever we have in stock. You can pre-order those items online or just shop when you are here. We will also be hosting free farm tours, classes and events on the second Sunday during pick up times. We want to host more events on farm and allow our CSA customers a chance to meet each other and join our community.

2. SFC Downtown Farmers Market, 1st Saturday of the month. 9am-1pm.

Republic Square Park, 422 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX 78701. Come visit us at one of Austin's longest running farmers markets.

3. Whole Life Learning Center. 10801 Old San Antonio Rd, Austin, Tx 78748. 3pm-5pm. Second Wednesday of the Month.

A progressive, holistic school in South Austin.The school also has a cool herb/ natural medicines shop, 7 Feathers, to check out during pick up.

Why a chicken CSA? CSA stands for community supported agriculture. In addition to getting the world's best chicken, by purchasing a chicken CSA you help our small farm purchase the chicks and feed to help us provide you with pasture raised, organic fed chicken. You are helping us create a more sustainable environment and vibrant local economy.

Can I add other farm products to my order? Sure! You can pre-order anything we have in stock listed on the website by midnight the day before your pick up day and we will package it with your CSA order. If you are picking up on farm, you can pre-order or shop our available products while you are here.

Can I give a CSA subscription as a gift? Sure! As long as you or your gift receiver is able to pick up the meat at one of our drop spots. Just note in check out that it is a gift, giftees name, and which pick up spot they would like. We can email you a gift certificate to give to them to explain how it works for your gift if you would like. Thanks for giving the gift of healthy, local food!

On no- I missed/ forgot the pick up time- What do I do? We have a short pick up the third Sunday of the month on farm from 10-12 for anyone who didn't make the pick up time the previous Sunday or Weds. If you can not make the make up time, we can hold your chicken until the following month's pick up.

Can someone else pick up my CSA? Sure- if it is OK with you and they sign for it.

How are the chickens raised? Our farm is a small, family owned, chemical free, restorative, grass based, pasture farm. We see the animals as partners in helping us fertilize the land while we provide them with the highest standard of care possible. They are moved daily in open air chicken tractors.

Why is it more expensive than chicken in the store? Even the highest level of organic chicken from the store is living in overcrowded warehouses with little or no access to the outdoors. They are not able to eat grass, chase bugs or breath clean air. Chickens are very susceptible to respiratory illness and living in these over crowded, confined spaces is a recipe for disaster. Our small farm raises a small number of chickens in chicken tractors that are moved daily so the chickens always have access to ample space, a clean grassy area and fresh air. You can not find better chicken anywhere. For complete transparency sake, chicken is our least profitable enterprise on the farm, but we believe in raising chicken the right way and feeding only organic fed. Because of these values, our chicken may cost more than other organic chicken or other non-organic pastured chicken. This means our chicken is never fed GMOs, chemicals, or antibiotics, which we believe is better for the chicken and for the land and for your body. 

Have more questions? Please feel free to email us at blueearthfarm@gmail.com

We completely stand behind our process and our products. Come tour the farm any Second Sunday starting in 2018 from 10 am-1pm to find out more and see for yourself how it all works.